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Conduit 2!!!

posted Apr 16, 2011 18:58:13 by =ii=DesTRoYeR<3+
Hey everybody! There's a new game arriving this week. Conduit 2 is the sequel to last year’s award-winning Wii-exclusive, The Conduit. The game was initially inspired by Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and Medal of Honor: Heroes 2. For those of you that don't know, the original Conduit placed you in the shoes of Michael Ford, a Secret Service agent the was promoted to the TRUST organization after saving the President from an assassination attempt. Eventually, Michael Ford is double crossed by John Adams, the man who initially recruits him. The game reveals that Adams was conspiring to overthrow the government using a "phony" alien invasion (called the Drudge) which were all cloned from Prometheus. Prometheus is an alien that was originally portrayed as a terrorist who (allegedly) stole a top-secret prototype called the ASE (All Seeing Eye). It's a device that unlocks secrets and can hack into all sorts of files (whether they be on a computer terminal or otherwise). The ending of the original game left many players craving more as Michael Ford narrowly escapes death through a Conduit (portal) which lead directly into...the ending credits. Conduit 2 takes off right from that point as players come to find that he's be transported to an oil rig off the coast of Florida. It's up to you to end the battle with John Adams once and for all.

The multiplayer mode is where Conduit 2 will really shine. Just like Call of Duty: Black Ops, players can use the PDP Headbanger Headset and now there is a patch system for the game. Originally, the previous installment became overrun with hackers and it was wrought with glitches. This time around, SEGA & High Voltage Software has assured us that security has been heightened and that patches will be made available throughout the course of play. In addition, there is 4 player local split-screen.

North American Release Date: April 19, 2011
United Kingdom Release Date: April 21, 2011
Australia Release Date: April 21, 2011

Side Note: The game itself is relatively short (approximately 7-8 hours depending upon one's skill level) and there are a few things that should be mentioned. First, make sure to duplicate your save file (and do it often) although extremely rare, there have been instances where a player may fall into a pit and spawn in the very same spot over and over, thus having to restart from the very beginning. So please be careful. Secondly, the lip syncing in this game is slightly off and it is best if you turn on the subtitles in the Options menu to get the full experience. I HIGHLY recommend that once you've cleared a room of enemies to switch over to your ASE so that you can scan for hidden items. It can be a pain to realize that you've missed a scan-able item that coulde have helped you unlock something in the Multiplayer mode (because you can earn credits that can be applied to upgrades and unlockables in that mode. In addition, you can bring all of your unlocked perks into the main campaign mode.) You can eventually return to previous levels once you've reached Atlantis so don't fret too much. Occasionally, you may find weapons blueprints which save you the trouble of having to purchase certain weapons (such as the phase rifle). So keep alert. Some scan-able items are located under stairs and areas where you have to crouch (so keep that in mind).]

Also, I would recommend going straight into the multi-player mode first and updating immediately. There have been two patches since the game was launched and I believe that one of those was to fix a glitch in the very first level (I read on a separate forum that the gate would sometimes still be locked even though players were supposed to be able to fight the Leviathan).

Achievements also unlock credits for other items. One of my favorites is called "Fresh Brewed". Simply "tea-bag" an opponent after you kill him/her to unlock this medal (can only be done once, but I do it for fun anyway).

Tips for Loadouts

If you're into the Phase Rifle (a gun that shoots through walls effortlessly) here's a setup you might like:
+Phase Rifle Specialization
+Phase Rifle Penetration
+Phase Rifle Tuning
This combination will not only allow you to get one shot kills, but will allow you a greater range AND will not give your opponents the warning sign that they're being targeted.

If you like the ARC Eclipse, try this:
+Stealth (Need 50 Backstab medals to unlock this for purchase)
+Blinding Powder
This will allow you complete silence from radar and if you use melee, you can temporarily blind your opponents (as if you threw a flashbang)

Widowmaker Turret
+Widowmaker Specialization
This is sort of mandatory for the Widowmaker Turret. Unlike in Call of Duty: Black Ops, this turret is manual-only unless you have this perk equipped. (Pro Tip: I recommend that when you start getting automatic hit markers to switch to manual if you're fighting on Pentagon Prime because it finishes them off faster and allows the "turret" to seem unpredictable.)

AEGIS Device + Radiation Grenade
The AEGIS Device already allows you to collect and re-direct oncoming projectiles, however, it does not protect you from melee attacks. That's where a "Rad" grenade comes in. If an opponent tries to charge you, toss that in their face and run for cover until you see the kill skull.

Dark Star + Armory
The Dark Star is by far one of the coolest weapons. (It's located in Atlantis somewhere near Andromeda. Scan it with the ASE.) The Dark Star generates miniature black holes that devour your enemies. Simply tag someone with the Dark Star, switch to your second primary weapon (granted by the Armory perk) and finish that guy off. Now the Dark Star should say "Dark Star Level 1 Ready". Switch back to the Dark Star, and use the Alternate Fire option. Next opponent you see, fire the Alt. function and they'll be sucked into a black hole!!! Each "Level" of the Dark Star makes it a larger and more devastating black hole. There is a maximum of three levels.

Promotional Code(s): EYEOFRA
(Unlocks the Eye of Ra ASE. It's just an alternate skin of the ASE, without any real benefits other than looking cool.)

You can turn the Eye of Ra on or off in the Main Menu by going into Extras, then Cheats, and then selecting "On" or "Off" for the Eye of Ra.

(Unlocks the Gold Destroyer Armor in Multiplayer mode. No additional benefits other than being shiny.)

Good luck!!!

Also, when you name your profile, you only have 12 character spaces to work with. Choose your profile name carefully as you can't re-name it once it has been created.
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=ii=DesTRoYeR<3+ said Apr 23, 2011 01:18:47
Friend Code: 1205-9573-6521 Supergamesniper9
=ii=DesTRoYeR<3+ said Apr 23, 2011 11:10:48
Firstly- Can i ask why its in my name? LOL, Secondly- I am at my dads currently and should have Conduit waiting for me when i get home, will let you know my FC ASAP :-)
=ii=DesTRoYeR<3+ said Apr 23, 2011 19:05:50
Oh sorry, I was still logged in under you. I haven't yet made my own account yet. LOL. I'll do that now.
ChuckNorris said Apr 26, 2011 01:36:40
will i ever get conduit maybe ????
=ii=DesTRoYeR<3+ said Apr 27, 2011 07:32:06
Got my Conduit yesterday, FC-3525-2542-3825
ChuckNorris said Apr 27, 2011 23:00:02
I might get conduit next week
Supergamesniper9 said May 01, 2011 20:06:03
Hint: Hive Cannon Blueprints
From the Atlantis HUB program, set the Conduit to take you to Oxford University (England). As soon as you arrive look to your right. There should be a set of rock pillars that you can jump to. Do so, and in the middle of the one with a clock face will be a scannable object. Use the ASE and you will be given the blueprints for the ever-useful Hive Cannon.

Although Michael Ford claims that there is nothing to scan in Atlantis (the second level) make sure to keep your eyes peeled with the ASE and use the ping function provided (tap down on the D-pad) you'll find co-ordinates for secret areas that the Conduit can access.
[Last edited May 01, 2011 20:07:50]
Supergamesniper9 said May 13, 2011 03:48:12
@=ii=DesTRoYeR<3+: I've tried entering your Friend Code in my version of the game and I got the same "invalid code" message. I'm looking into exactly why it's not working, but as a potential fix, I was thinking that we could have a UK and USA division for Conduit 2. Since we can copy save data, (meaning all the upgrades and unlockables we've earned in the storymode and online) that means we could have up to 3 different profiles and not have to worry about re-earning our weapons (I've tried it thus far and I've gotten the same stuff all three times) The only downside is that we lose our level/rank. The benefits outweigh the risk. I'll tell you guys more once I can confirm some information regarding the friend code situation.

12 character limit for names so:

=ii= = 4
S.Sniper = 8

=ii=S.Sniper = 12

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