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clan wars :D

posted Apr 24, 2011 23:39:36 by ChuckNorris
Lets see if Yourself,Supergamesniper9 and Snip3s can keep all of our clan mates up to speed on our occasional clan wars. Yourself,supergamesniper9 and snip3s will post on this so you can be informed on our clan wars and if we've won a clan war have lost one and the dates our wars will also be posted sni3ps will also post on this to inform us on which clan mates he wants to be in the wars. Anything related to clan wars or if some one forced you to be in a clan war will be posted on this Topic. Thank you for your time peace. Made by yourself (prince of awesome) :D
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Supergamesniper9 said Apr 25, 2011 14:17:35
Okay well, I'll have to pass this by Snip3s, but I'm sure he'll like this. I plan to post the date of the match, the final score, and (if possible) an MVP portion on these forums. Future clan wars will be posted, as well as the time they'll commence. I'll put it on top of the board.
ChuckNorris said Apr 25, 2011 22:15:02
thats cool
Supergamesniper9 said Apr 28, 2011 20:31:08
I'm also thinking of doing things this way:

.80 KDR (For every 4 kills you get, you die 5 times) is the bare minimum requirement to be recruited into =ii=.

If it's 0.90+ and you have the approval of like, a general or =ii=DesTRoYeR<3+(Snip3s), you're a recruit (pretty much with no questions asked).
To be a full fledged member, you would need to have a KDR of 1.20 or higher.

I was also thinking that like, based on out current prestige is what we go by in terms of whom outranks whom.
For instance, if there are two recruits, with the same KDR of .85 but one is 2nd prestige, he's ranked higher.

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=ii=DesTRoYeR<3+ said May 10, 2011 07:27:17
That would be unfair supersniper, the 1st prestige could be an amazing player with an amazing KDR, So who should really the rank?... The one with the best KDR. Also i am beginning to wonder if i should start ranking in terms of who comes online (CoD) the most as then we will have higher ranks representing us when we are offline because of the time zone differences. If you agree, reply or if you disagree, reply your argument, I shall be on BR33ZY once again today, so make sure you have me added. Which brings me onto another subject, We need to make sure that we have eachother added so that we can always have someone to play with, seeing as International Insomnia is growing so fast, it's begging to become hard to keep track of all of you, so from now on, SUNDAYS will be the day that we will do an ally check / Addition day, this is where you will join SNIP3S server whenever i am on, and then we will check if there are any new players + We will have a ranked members meeting about the topics posted on our website. DAMN IV'E NEVER TYPED SO MUCH IN MY LIFE!! xO Hope to speak to ya'll soon :-)
ChuckNorris said May 10, 2011 23:15:17
Sni3ps i will not be online for a couple of days so yea you won't get your laughs from me anymore i will be online soon LOVE YOU!!!!(no homo)maybe some but anyways see u soon guys i be back online i no time plus MY INTERNET IS BEING A BITCH
Supergamesniper9 said Jun 14, 2011 20:15:09
=ii= Destroyer: IDK, I see your reasoning, but KDR isn't 100% accurate in determining a good player. As for ranking people based on how often they come online, that seems a bit unreasonable seeing as how we all live in different time zones & whatnot. Plus, since I've beaten the main campaign and I've prestige-d at least 5 times already, I'm losing interest (as I'm sure others are too). Inevitably we go play other games but in that regard I can see where your idea would apply. I suppose I could do Sundays as a check in for play. What time though? 8:00 p.m. (3:00p.m. for us in the U.S?)

Also, I was contemplating doing a Recruitment video for YouTube (seeing as how I haven't posted anything new in some time). Thoughts?
JiGs4w said Aug 21, 2011 09:27:06
That could be the case Supergamersniper9 but on the other hand our clan is expanding so rapidly into wot looks like a huge society that the ranks could be difficult 2 asign 2 which menbers is taking it's toll, therefor i have come up with an idea, 2 sort out our menbers into set groups (even though this has already become a reality) so the newest recuits are sorted as one, while the exsiting nembers can keep track on the lastest nembers. That was an idea i thought of not 2 long ago and i hope that u guys would agree on this. Give me ur thoughts and i'll try 2 come up with a brillant topic 2 respond with, JiGs4w out!
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