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=ii= clan on WaW

posted May 31, 2011 08:55:08 by =ii=DesTRoYeR<3+
Right ladies and gents, i now have Call of duty WaW (World At War) and think it is an AMAZING game if you wish to improve your sniping skills. If you have WaW, please leave your ally code in the chat box as i will leave mine, many thanks :P
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JiGs4w said Aug 21, 2011 08:54:32
I agree destroyer, in turn which u can obtain one-shot kills everytime, on the fact that ur aiming-down-the-sights is spot-on. More tips from me on WaW soon, for now this is =ii=JiGs4w reporting out! WaW Friend Code: 2666-4123-2509, codename =ii=JiGs4w.
aaron a tatham
JiGs4w said Sep 03, 2011 19:58:29
Hint: WaW Cliffside Glitch On WaW, select the Cliffside level (similar 2 the Blowtorch & Corkscrew mission in Canpagin) and head 2 the waterfall section. U will find a rock on the walkway and a cliff behind it that can be used as a sniper postion just so as long as u don't expose urself 2 the enemy!
aaron a tatham
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