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=ii= clan on MW Reflex

posted Sep 03, 2011 19:10:00 by JiGs4w
TEN HUT! This is JiGs4w reporting in with a message 2 all clans members and fresh-faced newbies. Now as u're aware, most of the clan has shifted 2 MW Reflex coz Black Ops is being used for exchanging friend codes (which is different for each game sadly) and the usual "CAUSE DESTRUCTION" mayhem, plus talking bout battle plans wif ur allies! In case i'm making u overthink, MW Reflex is a good choice 2 play, seeing as Black Ops is now starting 2 feel like a waste of time so i will organize when we can consume a shift in games wif Destroyer assisting me in the sidelines of course. I hope this will give u guys an idea of wot 2 expect in the future and leave ur friend code in a reply so i jot it down l8ter. If u have any questions, leave them in this topic and i'll respond as quickly as possible! I look forward 2 hearing from u soon! :)
aaron a tatham
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=ii=DesTRoYeR<3+ said Sep 03, 2011 22:17:50
An excellent idea Jigsaw. Maybe we can arrange some parties on CoD: Black Ops and then switch over to reflex. I will be willing to aid anyone in getting Gold weapons + We will be playing HQ (HeadQuarters) Rather alot as it is the best on Relfex! Reply With your FC (Friend Code) As Jigsaw said. 2768-1923-3334 PEACE.
JiGs4w said Sep 04, 2011 13:06:36
No probs destroyer, just thought it was a way 2 keep the flow of the =ii= clan at full swing and take it 2 the next step on a different game. As i said ealier, leave ur questions in a reply along wif ur FC (Friend Code) and i'll respond back in nanoseconds! Also if u have ideas for topics that i can create (since i can be short on ideas at times), leave them also in a reply and i'll come up wif something fancy for u! MW Reflex Friend Code: 4319-2090-4368 Peace! :)
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aaron a tatham
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